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Home Styling

At Voyle & Co we believe in showing your home off at its very best. It is the first impression of your home through photos online that buyers see first. It is based on these photos that buyers decide whether or not they should view your home. Because of this Voyle & Co have decided to add a new dimension to what they can offer clients to enable them to present their homes in a way that attracts buyers. There are three ways we can help you achieve a great look that will appeal to buyers. Decluttering, Home Staging and Home Styling.

When we live daily in our homes (which are super comfortable for us) we don’t realise that even though it’s lovely to live in, it is not always something that photographs well. Below is what we can achieve with a little de-cluttering.


If you are looking to sell a home that is empty e.g. an ex rental or a house that you have moved out of already, Voyle & Co will come in and stage it with lovely furnishings. A home can look cold and uninviting when it is empty, and buyers can sometimes think a room is smaller than it really is. However you can change people’s perception with the addition of lovely sofas, coffee tables and the accent on upmarket accessories. Not only does it create instant warmth but presents your home as it should be presented….at it’s best! The cost for this service is a Nominal fee to get the furnishings to and from your home. (home staging companies charge thousands)


Are you lacking the finishing touches for your home? Have you never gotten around to adding the accessories you would like to present your home at its very best? Or maybe you have, but they are passed their used by date and it seems a waste to update when you are about to sell. Voyle & Co offers a free Home Styling service, our professional stylist can come in and add those finishing touches to give your home a look that will appeal to buyers and present your home at its very best. We arrange to be there at the same time or just before our photographer and add all the bits and pieces needed to get the photos looking ‘just right’. Once we have got some fabulous photos we pack everything up and take it all away. The cost for this is nothing…’s what we do to help sell your home.

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